What if my practice is being temporarily suspended or reduced due to COVID-19 developments?

MedPro insureds in some locations and specialties may qualify for a premium discount. Please contact your agent/broker to discuss whether you might qualify.

How is MedPro handling premium payments during the COVID-19 pandemic?

In response to the COVID-19 pandemic and state of emergency declarations, MedPro announced in March that it was temporarily postponing until June 30, 2020 the due dates for outstanding premium payments originally due on or after March 13, 2020, or as otherwise required.

MedPro subsequently announced and implemented a deferred payment plan for insureds who met certain qualifications and faced challenges in paying the full amount due by June 30, 2020. While the offer date has since expired to enroll in the deferred payment plan in most states (except in Arkansas, New Jersey and Oregon)*, we encourage insureds to contact their agent/broker should financial circumstances prevent payment in full of billed premiums when due.

Click here to view state-specific premium relief information. States requiring additional payment options include AR, DC, MI, NJ, NM, NY and OR. We will continue to monitor developments, including state regulatory changes, and adjust our response accordingly.

Please contact your agent/broker with questions (or call MedPro Customer Service at 800-463-3776 if you don’t have an agent/broker).